Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wintry Mix

Winter returned last night, bringing sleet, ice, and snow. I braved the chill early this morning to snap a few pictures. . . also snapped an inside photo of another way I display butter pats. Tomorrow we'll probably clear away all the broken limbs. Too bad lovely ice causes all kinds of problems. However, our light dusting is nothing compared to what others are experiencing this winter. Counting my blessings and wishing you warmth and goodness on this Wednesday,


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I love the one with the red berries especially. The ice and snow are really quite lovely but when our power went out for 10 minutes I freaked! 7000 homes are still without power here. So sad. Nancy

Anonymous said...

funny...I was just gonna say I loved the one with the red berries!lol
..what kind of tree is that with the berries?..I'll guess crab apples?
..did it melt off yet?

BitsAndPieces said...

Hi Nancy and Summer,
Thanks for visiting. The tree with the red berries is a hawthorn. I had to ask my husband to be sure. We still have patches of snow on the ground and haven't cleared off fallen branches yet. I can't imagine being without power for weeks.

beth said...

Hi Sandy, I'm Beth from "barn owl studio". It looks very cold. Reminds me of living in Okla. when I was a child. I enjoyed your pictures.


KF at Mirror lake said...

You have quite a collection there, I didn't know they were butter plats. I live near Shipshewana, Indiana they have auctions here every Wed. all year long. I have a B&B please if you have a minute view my web site you might want to take a short trip up this direction sometime


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