Friday, January 23, 2009

Three Hours

This morning I was a responsible daughter and took my mom to her hair appointment and to the grocery store. This afternoon my dear husband practically ordered me out of the house to take some time for me. He told me he would keep an eye on my mother. The weather was great. . . in the 60's. I confess I stopped at the local antique shop. There were book sales in a couple of booths, and as you can see I purchased three hardbacks. The only other thing I bought was a tiny brown and white cup and saucer ornament that was 75% off . . . 38 cents! Those three hours and bargains on two of my favorite things (books and ornaments) helped to lift my spirits. It's therapeutic, and I highly recommend it.


Anonymous said... glad you got to go out and do a bit of the best kind of shopping! :)
..what a deal on the pretty cup and saucer...will you use it..or does it go in an arrangement or collection?

BitsAndPieces said...

Summer, it is such a tiny cup and saucer I believe I'll tuck it back for '09 Christmas tree decorating.
But it's so sweet I want to leave it out.


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