Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday thoughts

I have two snowflakes in my kitchen window. They will probably stay there until January ends. On Inauguration Day morning we had a brief shower of snowflakes. Of course, I watched TV most of that day . . . witnessing history and the smooth exchange of leadership.

This old-fashioned metal clip acts as a memo pad for grocery items. It's near the fridge so I can jot down what we need to buy on the next trip to the store. The stencilled wooden heart was a little buy that has remained with me for years.

a personal letter that I copied and used as a background for these flowers that were pressed in my Bible many years ago

Heart magnets keep memos on one side of the fridge. The tin animals folk art piece I once found on a flea market day with my mom.

Trying my best to stay at home and just be content

Avoiding antique shops (if I can)

Rereading Tully by Paullina Simons. . . unreal how much I had forgotten

Appreciating little things around the house

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