Friday, January 16, 2009

Fondness for Birds

These two keep each other company on an end table in the living room.

This birdhouse is also in the living room.

This green pair is in the guest bedroom on the dresser.

I change what sits on the gold trunk in the den quite often. . . for now the wooden box with a birdnest and tiny bird on top.

This arrangement under the cloche has three items that are special to me. . . there's a picture of the place where my husband and I met . . . there's a tiny church like the one where we married . . . and the frame ( with a bird on top) has this poem
And in his heart
My heart is locked,
And in his life,
My life.
-Christina Rossetti
This last picture shows one of my favorites . . . a small iron bird. I moved the grayish urn from the living room to this counter in the bath. I never tire of those golden eggs in that ornament nest.
Because of the cold temperatures, I'm staying in our nest, that wonderful place called home.

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Anonymous said... your golden filled post...the poem and cloche display is so special..thanks for sharing


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