Saturday, April 22, 2017

Staying Home

It's a rainy Saturday, and I'm staying indoors. Have I mentioned that I moved my journals once again? Decided one night rather late(Corkey had already turned in)that I wanted them back on my closet bookcase. 

I like these shelves much better without the many journals.

I like to change things around, and that can be both rewarding and frustrating.

I've been over in the art room working on this abstract. Also did the still life below.

I think it's time for tea and a new book.

Glad you came by.


mary Eldred said...

Like the abstract!! I don't ever move things around. So wish I was like that.

Joy said...

I too like to move things around. Can be a lot of work and fun! I think of you often Sandy and hope to get back to blogging!

BitsAndPieces said...

Wonderful to read your comment, Joy.
I think of you fondly and sincerely
hope you return to blogging.

My friend Mary gave me the lift
I needed to continue blogging.
I do enjoy sharing and hearing
from others.


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