Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Simple Journaling

Sometimes timing plays a major role in matters of life-changing events and even in small everyday occurrences. Case in point, this lovely book for one dollar at the Goodwill Bargain Center. 

This art book cost me more at the main Goodwill store next door, but I wanted it for ideas about journaling. And this brings me to the topic of this post.

I have been recording, pasting, and drawing inside art notebooks for awhile.

You may remember when this journal appeared several years ago.
I am still working on mine. Below are a few pages from it.

 Have a lovely day. 


mary Eldred said...

Simple journaling volume four is my favorite title page. I remember when you started the visual journal. Like that idea. I am not sure I would like people eventually reading my journaling thoughts?????? but I would like to read yours!!!!!!

Andrea said...

Hi friend,
Love your journaling, it's something I am never good at. When I was younger, before taking up stitching, I would make collages on poster boards out of magazine pages...it was so much fun.
You are inspiring to me!


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