Thursday, April 27, 2017

Afternoon of Errands

  •  periodontal appointment 
  •  shoe repair shop
  •  Hobby Lobby
  •  The Learning House
  •  Tuesday Morning
  •  Walmart
Cardstock, small paintbrushes, pens, and package of design sheets were needed supplies from HL. My only other art purchase was an assortment of art tissue sheets from TM.

Added this new cover design to Volume Five

The errands were yesterday, and today was art time. I painted over a picture of a church I had done and started again. This one pleased me more.

Son Jason gave front porch bench a fresh coat of paint.
This bench is one of my favorite finds.
So glad I didn't pass it up.

 short walk on this pretty day 

Can't believe tomorrow is Friday. Where did the week go?

1 comment:

mary Eldred said...

Volume 5 is officially my favorite journaling cover. Enjoyed the "walk" pictures too.


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