Thursday, April 20, 2017


See the picture in the center of the mantel. It is a favorite painting of mine for two reasons...
first, the scene itself and then because of a family connection.

On the back of the portrait is her name and signature.
She would later marry, become Clara Crum, and raise five children, one being my dad.

In this photo is Clara's brother Walter with his wife Ethel.
Ethel was an artist.
I am pleased to have three of her art pieces that I acquired from my late mother.

Ah, sweet homes in this chalk picture...

My photos of Ethel's art do not do them justice.
Her pictures are truly outstanding.
I enjoy them every day.


mary Eldred said...

I love things that belong to my past.
Great connection with the paintings , but my favorite it the oval picture of your grandmother. Is it hung somewhere in your house?

mary Eldred said...

As I was out and about today, I realized I should have put Great grandmother's picture.

BitsAndPieces said...

Love these comments you've been leaving.
It has been so long since anyone posted a

The oval picture of my grandmother is not
hanging anywhere in the house. I have a
bunch of old pictures that I keep in brown
envelopes - one marked Crum with my
daddy's ancestors and one with Barnes for
mother's. I wish I could do a heritage album
like you did.


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