Thursday, June 4, 2015


June quietly arrived. 

My Susan Branch calendar states this June message:

Take Time To Dream 

After working on my own booth a few days ago, I glanced at the other booths on the upper level. There's one booth I favor because of the many small items offered. Tucked among much paraphernalia on one shelf were these two bags. An unexpected Christmas treasure in late spring!

Once I got them home, I understood the reason for the storage bags. The original cardboard boxes were coming apart.

These vintage ornaments are definitely showing their age, but that's what I love. They're not shiny and new. 

All two dozen fit into this one jar.

Must store these away until later.

 Something tells me that 2015 is going to pick up speed.
However, June seems to be an ideal month for slowing down and dreaming. 

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