Saturday, June 13, 2015

Antiquing Day

Friday was a road trip to Dyersburg, my hometown from 1970-1989. My friend Linda joined me for a full day of antiquing. 

Because this store was having a 50% off sale, I was able to purchase one of my favorite collectibles - a dough bowl. I already enjoy two that I acquired from my mom. There's one in the kitchen that holds fresh fruit, and the other in the den is a resting place for old croquet balls. This one will stay by my easy chair for now with favorite magazines. Come fall and the Christmas holidays it will be used differently. 

We took time out to grab a light lunch at Dave's on the Courthouse Square.  While I was paying my ticket at the front counter, I noticed a stairway to the right leading downstairs. It became clear to me that this very building was once  Burnett's Shoe Store where I shopped years ago. It is strange how much a town changes after twenty or more years.

Heading back south we made a stop in Ripley, TN, at Outside the Box. Vendors offer an assortment of vintage and unusual items. Two finds were a speckled pottery jar and a glass coffee jar.   

The colors won me over.

Sunny Brook Coffee

On two sides of the jar are four flying swallows with the caption
"Every Swallow Brings You Joy"

On the bottom of the jar Weathersby Brunner Company Memphis

Our final stop was in Covington, TN. There are several shops on the square, but we only had time for one. Happily I snagged a Kelly Rae Roberts canvas for half price at the Upscale Retail Store. I'm a fan of her art, and I follow her on Instagram.

I had planned to find some odds and ends for my antique booth, but my personal likes got in the way. 

Linda and I agree that the thrill of the hunt is what motivates us. As Samantha S. Thorpe, editor of Best of Flea Market Style, writes "the thrill of the hunt is hard to resist. But collecting is about the journey as much as the pieces we bring home. Living with things that have meaning - because of where we found them or who gave them to us - lends soul to our decor."

P. S.
Today was the wedding of Stacy and Sam. They spoke their marriage vows clearly and sweetly before family and friends. I wish them the very best as they start their journey together.

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