Tuesday, June 30, 2015

As Luck Would Have It

On Friday Pennee and I had shopped at an antique store in the old part of Celina. A lovely older couple was in charge of the shop which was filled with some really fine antiques. Here's the round tray I purchased.

 Along the back wall in one corner were stacked many stained glass windows. They were leaning against each other. I didn't look through all of them because after checking a few, I knew they were out of my price range.

Pennee and I continued to talk about stained glass windows...how some remind you of churches and others not so much.

Later back at home Pennee used her iPhone to check a website that has local sales by individuals. She found a lady who had posted two windows for sale. Pennee showed them to me. Each one was priced reasonably at forty dollars.

It was Sunday morning, and our day to leave. I had Pennee to look and see if the lady had sold them. No, they were still available. Pennee sent a text telling her about the one I wanted.

Because Corkey and Lester were headed to Lowe's to get a few yard supplies,
we asked them to stop at this lady's address and pick it up. 

Never before have I taken such a chance on an online purchase. I worried the whole time the men were gone. When Les called Pennee, I asked if it was yucky. He laughed and said no. 

I was really happy when Corkey brought it inside for me to see. I liked it a lot!! 

For years I have been fascinated by stained glass windows. When I was a little girl and made summer visits to my grandmother's house in Indiana, there was a small stained glass window in the living room. How I wish I had pictures of that window and the other rooms of her house back then. Here is the front of the house. Sadly the whole house no longer stands. A fire destroyed it.

There are other old photos of this house that show how the family gathered on that front porch to sit and talk and watch the young cousins play.  Oh, those were some of the sweetest years of my young life.

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