Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Green is a happy color

Whether I'm outside or inside, green is very visible these days. 

My husband enjoys mowing, and I enjoy gardening. He is outside far more than me. Today I delighted in seeing these:

 pretty pink primroses                                                         peonies about to open

another iris

Oreo was also checking out the garden.

Hopefully I can fill a few more containers on the porch and patio.
But with prices being what they are, it's doubtful.

Since the large furniture around here stays in place, I content myself with moving smaller objects. You will recognize some of these dear old pieces, and 
a few happen to be green.

Bottles, flower frogs, and oil  paintings remain favorite things.

 My paternal grandmother gave me the cobalt blue vase when I was a little girl. I have it displayed in my guest bedroom where there is more green than blue. The butterfly was a piece my brother gave me years ago(back in the time period of hippies). Later I added the chain.

 One day when I wore the necklace, Ron was amazed that I had managed to hang onto that butterfly. On that particular day we had been visiting Mother and sharing sibling memories of the past. We talked about the items we save and the stories behind them. 

While looking through a Somerset Studio art magazine, I ran across this message on a piece of artwork -

l i v e 

h a p p i l y

Whether inside or outside, I'm going to try to do just that.

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