Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Good Morning

What a lovely Wednesday! Perfect spring day. Spotted this greeting outside the doctor's office.

My office visit was short due to lab work only. Because of fasting I headed straight to MacDonald's for coffee and an egg and sausage biscuit. 

Next I decided to check out a small indoor flea market on the highway. Came away with two finds that were less than my breakfast food. The problem is I   like what I find so much it's hard to put them in my booth to sell. The geranium print is nicely framed, and the other scene has parts painted onto glass.

This was my first Mother's Day without my mom. On my Facebook page I wrote the following: Although I can no longer physically touch or hug my mother this Mother's Day, she is with me always. This photo of our hands is a favorite of mine.

I was glad on Mother's Day that I heard from all six(Chance, Jo and Olga, Jason, Ryan, Les and Pennee, and Lauren) in different ways. I believe Ryan surprised me the most by posting a picture on Instagram. I didn't even know he had this photo of us from years ago.

Oh, one more thing...I'm reading a book that Les and Pennee sent me. It's by Katrina Kenison - the gift of an ordinary day 
                                           A Mother's Memoir

I find myself underlining in pencil some touching passages.
Well, that's it for now. Take care until our next visit.

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