Saturday, August 8, 2009

Worth Sharing

I came across this poem many years ago and found it very moving.


I always wanted a red balloon,
It only cost a dime,
But Ma said it was risky,
They broke so quickly,
And beside, she didn't have time;
And even if she did, she didn't
Think they were worth a dime.
We lived on a farm, and I only went
To one circus and fair,
And all the balloons I ever saw
Were there.
There were yellow ones and blue ones,
But the kind I liked the best
Were red, and I don't see why
She couldn't have stopped and said
That maybe I could have one -
But she didn't - I suppose that now
You can buy them anywheres,
And that they still sell red ones
At circuses and fairs.
I got a little money saved;
I got a lot of time,
I got no one to tell me how to spend my dime;
Plenty of balloons - but somehow
There's something died inside of me,
And I don't want one - now.
-Jill Spargur


Lester said...

Hey there Mom! The blog is looking great! Glad to see that you've been so diligent in its upkeep, as it's definitely looking worth the effort. Love you, can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy..what a sad poem...but a good one.

...I agree with Lester :) are great at blogging!

..forgot to tell the bird rug a lot!

.. can tell that you would have bought the balloon for your son in an instant :)


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