Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Week of School...a glimpse back

my first class of fourth graders

retirement plaque

a printer's drawer that I filled with mementoes

a stitched message from a dear student

another keepsake from a sweet student

This plastic apple stayed with me all through the years. Many a student handled this apple that sat on my desk. You can hear chunks of old pencils rattling around inside.

That first week of school...greeting your new students, meeting parents, explaining procedures, introducing subjects, and much more...I remember it well. I loved my chosen profession but realized when it was time to make an exit. I witnessed so many changes in education over my thirty year career. There are continuing changes in education and other fields. Life is certainly all about change. Sometimes there is excitement and joy, and at other times heartache and loss. Acceptance is a lesson well learned.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE your class photo!


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