Friday, August 14, 2009

The Camera Was Handy

I'm certain you know by now that I love taking pictures. I do the best I can with my Samsung S630 model. In a "Twenty Wishes" list I would include a dynamic Nikon. Starting at the top a brief message on each of today's pictures -
  • Welcome sign was stitched by a friend from the past. Sadly we have lost touch. Maybe we will reconnect one day on FB.
  • Miniatures are fun to collect and don't take up a lot of space. I lean toward schoolhouses, barns, and churches.
  • This handy organizer with five compartments was a recent find for four dollars.
  • Three is that magic number for a collection. I've seen a lot of crosses over the years but only felt compelled to have these three. I typed the words of a favorite verse(Psalm 27:14)and placed them inside the opening of the gray cross.
  • The shelf in the hallway was built by son Jason to hold some of our family pictures.
  • This pitcher with the measurements has a Holly Hobbie figure on the other side. Since math was not my best subject, I keep the reminders in plain view.
  • I like this rusty old scale for placing different things on top.
  • I also like words and messages, especially this one on the round wooden piece. There's a sticker on the back that reads - A hand-crafted adaptation from Early American Wall Stenciling by Patricia Brown Schad, Stenciler. The small green planter that holds Splenda packets came from my mom's McCoy collection.
  • The little wooden rooster is showing his age with a few nicks...something from the kitchen of my first home...the oddest things make the long haul through the decades.

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