Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Small Creations

Today I took some small frames, added backgrounds, and used pressed leaves.

This background page is original writing from an old student notebook.

I used a rubber stamp for the message near the top.

latest tag set


Anonymous said...

Sandy....you KNOW I love the beach tags:)..are you going to put them in your booth?
..imagine it IS fun in seeing what sells!
..happy crafting

BitsAndPieces said...

Summer, I actually thought of you when I did my beach set. Yes, I have this set and several others for sale. Today I've been tagging items that I plan to take out to the booth...a few Holly Hobbie plates, a vintage teapot, Kate Greenaway tin, etc. Glad you were here. Sandy

beth said...

Hi Sandy, thank you for the words of encourgement. I'm fired up for the art show, just hoping we are chosen for a booth. I love your pressed foliage. Nature art is awesome.



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