Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shelf Story

Here I am again in my art closet...had to clear away some clutter in order to see top of work table. Please notice the shelf I hung today. Here's the story. We are in the process of cleaning out a storage shed we've had for a long time. Well, that's where this shelf has been for several years. This shelf was made by my father, and I used it in my room during high school years to hold a paperback book collection. Later my daughter used it in her bedroom to display dance trophies. Now it's back in service. Of course, I cherish it because my dad made it just like he did other pieces...doll cradle, a child size ironing board, and a large cradle for his first grandchild, my son Ryan.


Anonymous said...

Sandy..so special to have things that your dad made!..I know..I have several things my dad made for me
...did your dad make the corner shelf too?..my greatgrdad was a carpenter, and made a similar one that is now mine...one unusual thing he made that I have...shirt holders...for when my grmom would iron starch white shirts long ago!...she would then hang them on the vertical wooden hooks
..aren't we lucky to have such memories and items?! :)

BitsAndPieces said...

We are very blessed to have such memories and these special items
...and yes, he made the corner shelf, too. In his twenties he did a lot of carpentry work but later changed careers. I have a magazine rack and small table he made...my brother has a desk.

beth said...

Sandy, thanks for visiting my blog. I love the things your dad made, how wonderful for you.
We live in such a disposal society that family heirlooms seem such a rarity. At least here in California.
Thank you for sharing your trip to the antique mall. I would love to visit the south sometime.
My cousin who does geneology says some of our long ago relatives came from Tenn.
I will visit you again.

Beth @ barn owl studio

Lauren King said...

All the years that it was in my room, I never realized he made that shelf!


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