Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine Memories

From my grade school dance teacher Virginia Morgan

From my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Effie Peters

Hindsight. . . oh, if I had kept the valentines of the fifties. My older brother wishes for his long ago collection of baseball cards. Alas, we threw away many mementoes of those innocent days. Since my mom made a scrapbook of those grammar school days for me, I do have a few old valentines. In the wire basket I have a small collection of valentines from my teaching days. . .wish now I had saved even more. It's fun to look back and see what cartoon characters and pop stars were popular at different times. Also the sweet signatures of former students and occasional handwritten messages bring back days that went all too quickly.


Anonymous said...

...that's so neat to have at least a few of your original valentines!
...had almost forgotten how big a deal Valentine's Day is in gradeschool
..like your display basket!
..I have some Little Debbie Valentine's from 30 years ago..remember how they put them on the back of their treats?

Pam said...

What treasures, Sandy. I love vintage Valentines.


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