Thursday, February 12, 2009

Phones, pencil cups, and trinkets

That one word PENCILS said "SOLD" to me.

This flower frog belonged to my mother.
I use it to hold ink pens and not flowers.

An assortment of old keys inside this bud vase
This small desk I bought when I was single and living in an apartment.
Later my daughter used it as a study desk in her bedroom.
Now it is a writing table in the guest bedroom.

I use a small washstand as a bedside table. The phone and answering machine are not as pretty as the letter holder and vase.

One end of the kitchen counter is a message center. Blank index cards stay in the napkin holder for phone messages. The ABC pencil cup is a personal favorite. The digital frame sits nearby.

While I was sitting at the computer, my eyes fell upon the nearby pencil cup... started thinking about the other phones and the pencil cups near them...and this post you are reading started to develop. I must say I am not fond of today's phones. I miss my pink princess phone from high school days and a green and a gold one from the seventies.


Anonymous said... your pretty pens in the glass frog..didn't I see a green cage frog somewhere once?...I have similar and a few glass ones those frogs! you collect vintage pens too?

BitsAndPieces said...

Summer, you are observant. Yes, on the table in my craft closet I do have a green wire frog that holds pencils and pens. I think frogs are the niftiest things. I don't have a vintage pen collection... wish I did...only have a few special pens that were given to me as teacher gifts. Thanks for checking in. I always enjoy your remarks.


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