Thursday, February 19, 2009

Staying In

Signs of spring
are starting to show themselves...buttercups and robins.

And yet, it's too cold to be outside for long. Therefore, I stayed in and did some cleaning, organizing, and rearranging. I discovered a few items I had forgotten about since they were stored out of sight during Christmas season. I like when that happens...a rediscovery of objects. The rooster came back to the top of the refrigerator, showing off favorite colors of mine - rusty red, cream, gold, and green. The little chest with drawers was moved from entryway bookcase to a space below the kitchen cabinets. The top lifts open, but the creamers will keep it in place. On the kitchen windowsill the tiny handpainted wooden house in the teacup expresses my mood today with three familiar words.

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