Friday, November 14, 2008

Scissorscut Designs

One of the first ones I stumbled across at an antique mall . . .I was hooked!

This snowy village scene comes out of storage around Christmastime.
This sweet one was sold at a gift shop that had many scissorscuts. The shop is now gone, but I still remember the layout of the shop and its fondness for these works of art.

A dear friend gave me this one . . . each month represented with a symbol . . .
ah, as teachers we knew, loved, and followed these decorative symbols.

Another one I couldn't resist . . the alphabet. . . 26 letters with picture symbols.

This pineapple cutout hangs to the side of the front door in the entryway.
Please excuse the poor quality of some of the photos. This one might be hard
to read. It says: When life gives you scraps, Make Quilts

1 comment:

Mscutiepatootie said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the scissor cuts. I love them all.


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