Thursday, November 6, 2008

Treasures of the Heart

This pillow was a wonderful gift from a very special friend. The fall colors on it are perfect for this time of year. The message is soooooo true.

The heart inside a heart . . .displayed flat or leaning. . . is a real favorite of mine. I found the hearts at different times but decided to keep them together.

A phone call yesterday from a longtime friend (we go back to our youthful college days) made any problems seem so much lighter. How wonderful it is to know someone who can say the right words at the right time! Some time ago she gave me the framed picture below. I love the message and enjoy it every day.

The top book PoemsThat Live Forever was given to me by a high school friend. Inside she wrote To my dearest friend - may our friendship be like a poem that lives forever. Sadly she died too soon from kidney failure. Some friendships are meant to last a lifetime while others only for a little while.

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