Sunday, July 30, 2017

Snippets of Joy

Jo and Olga planted this weeping willow years ago. It has grown into a beauty.
It conveys a magical feeling when you stand near it. Seeing it made me wish for one in a corner of our yard.

I wanted to show the page from my first simple journaling notebook that gave me this vignette idea. But after searching through lots and lots of photos on the computer I couldn't find it. If I run across it, I'll add it later.
The iron bird figurine was outside, but now it's in the guest bedroom.

FINALLY found it!

Love this glass world on the stand. 
I believe I once gave Ryan one.
Wonder what became of his.

This is my second artist figure. It's more vintage and larger than my other one over in the art room. I may have shown it before. It's hard to remember what I've shared in past posts.

I'm very fond of decorative storage boxes. I moved these from the coat rack to the small table in the guest bedroom so I could do the vignette above.
Moving objects this past week has been a form of domestic therapy. 

With the cooler temperatures in the forecast for this week I may have to venture out for some retail therapy. Feeling the need for a bargain quest.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a wonderful week of  joys.

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