Monday, July 24, 2017

New Chapters

I have a friend that's buying a house in a new location. When she talked about moving in this week, a small part of me was envious. Starting  over with fresh  opportunities could prove to be very exciting. I told her when she gets settled, I'm coming for a visit and a day of shopping on the square. You see, she's relocating to the town where my mom and dad resided for years. Therefore, I have a soft spot for the small town of Covington.

One Covington memory I have kept in my heart forever. This one doesn't involve my parents, but has to do with a certain young man I was dating at the time. He was from Covington and worked for a while at the fire station there. I was happy to know him and thought seriously could he  be "the one." I remember wearing pale green jeans and an olive turtleneck sweater as I walked{floated} down the sidewalk on the south side of the square. It was a crisp fall day, and I was experiencing that great to be alive feeling when you're young and having a connection with someone special. Although it didn't work out between us, that vivid memory is alive and well in my stored recollections.

Life is full of chapters, some better than others. I am grateful for every one.


While going through some old magazines today, I ran across this passage that ties in well with this post. 

The words below are by David G. Weber:

Nothing feels better than to be loved, except maybe to be in love. Life and love are so precious. Don't ever take either for granted.

People walk into our lives every day. The  hard truth is that some of those people will walk right back out. We'll think of them, we'll wonder what might have been, but sometimes we just have to let them go.

A special few will leave wrinkles that run deep into the fabric of our hearts -
the kind of wrinkles that can never be ironed out. For better or for worse, they will always be a part of who we are. It can hurt like heck when they're gone, but rather than be sad, we need to be thankful that we were blessed with their companionship even if just for a blink of an eye.

And as for those who are in our lives today? Let's not wait another minute to let them know how much we love and appreciate them.

Have faith. Love deeply. Always, always, always forgive.


These are recent books I have read.
Elizabeth Berg's novel was my favorite 
of the group.

This is the book I'm reading now, and each chapter is proving interesting.

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