Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Slips Away

While waiting for an appointment, I admired this wall art.
I noticed the tree first and then the birds. 

This art canvas I was able to bring home and hang in a high spot in the kitchen. Love the word, colors, and simplicity. It was a shopping find at Marshalls.

Yesterday was another shopping day with a friend. The Les Passees Stock Exchange had tons of stuff to view, and Bartlett's Antique Gallery had sales in many booths.

 set of three decorative bottles for five dollars at LPSE

 two vintage pitchers from AG

That golden tan color captures my heart every time. 
I'm unable to pass it up if the price is within my means.

Friends are celebrating an anniversary tomorrow so these tags went to the post office this morning.  

Fall is here! 

 September 2015 did not stay long. But thankfully it has been a beautiful time.  

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