Sunday, September 20, 2015

Evening Notes

I am drawn to architectural pieces. I have two in prominent places in our home. Recently I spotted this one at an antique store and wanted it, but talked
myself out of it. But it might still be there...I might weaken.

 This old rocking chair belongs to son JoJo.
It makes me think of a high school poem I once wrote.
Bravely sharing my poem tonight...

The Old Man

 In his familiar rocker
                                                           on the front porch
                                                           the old man.
                                                           The back and forth
                                                           Memories from the past
                                                           flooded his mind,
                                                           and the past
                                                           became present
                                                           as he relived
                                                           sweet and painful experiences of childhood;
                                                           tender moments of first love;
                                                           trying steps into manhood;
                                                           intimacy of marriage;
                                                           pride of parenthood.
                                                           to the present
                                                           he found it
                                                           In his familiar rocker
                                                           on the front porch
                                                           the old man.

Friday night we experienced an exciting game between Munford and Southwind. A record of four straight wins has pumped up enthusiasm
for the football season. Also there's excitement for the band that has an invitation to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

When I attend high school games, I miss Lauren and Lester. Their HS years went by too fast, and now they have busy lives far away from Tipton County.

When I go antiquing, I miss my mother. She and I had many happy excursions together. There are reminders of her every day. Sometimes the feelings are so intense that I long to go back in time.

Changes. Acceptance. Peace.


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