Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Stop by the Booth

I'm back with a few pictures taken at the booth. I was there yesterday and noticed a jar of buttons, some earrings, and a stitched picture had gone away with new owners.


Finding some booth items for February is on my To Do list.  Wish me luck!  

This corner cabinet has had many homes. It was used in the dining room of my first home in Dyersburg, TN. Then it was moved to Quito, TN, and  became a display unit in my daughter's room.  Later Lauren used it  in the dining room of her Memphis home. For now it has been put to service in the booth.  All through the years it has been the same cream color and has added charm to each space.  I have pictures of this corner cabinet in all its different locations.  Certain furniture pieces and collectibles merit keeping if at all possible.  I like to think of this one as a keeper. 

1 comment:

Joy said...

Too bad we didn't live closer...I'm sure you could find some things in my basement for your booth!


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