Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Small Changes

Although loving Christmas decorating, I can honestly say I'm glad the house is returning to its normal state. One day of after Christmas shopping turned up these finds.

 This ornament was half price.
I hung it in the kitchen window for a daily inspiration.

According to the antique shop owner, a large lot of letters came from an old Memphis school that was torn down. I chose the "S" for Sandy and the "C" for Corkey or for our last name Clowes. Two for ten dollars seemed like a fair price. Anyway loving letters the way I do, they came home to a place of honor on the mantel.
I hope to work on my booth this week. I added a corner cabinet and another shelving unit to my space. These were two pieces my daughter didn't take to Austin. Now that the two sewing machines have sold I need to round up some furniture replacements . Maybe my next post will take you on a visit to the booth.


Andrea said...

Wow, those are really wonderful letters! Good find!

Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

Those letters were a great find!! Lucky you :) Happy New Year!! Laurel


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