Monday, January 28, 2013


I have missed being here.

I snapped this photo so you would know I'm here at home... inside my closet that houses more than clothes.

It has always been hard for me to accept what the camera captures. Now the telltale signs of aging make it truly difficult.   

Patiently I waited for Jo to check my computer. He had me buy some SDHC cards to store lots of photos. I marvel how those little things can hold so many pictures.

Come inside. The kitchen, den, and living room are close together. I'm using a table from my mother as a kitchen island. It was her study table as a young girl. I remember its very location in the living area at my grandparents' house. My mother used it in her guest bedroom to hold books and a collection of bird figurines.     



Our house is definitely a hodge-podge of styles.
There are changes I would like to make, but
at my age you just work with what you have. Not
to mention all the memories associated with the
furnishings one has acquired over the years.

I have three battery candles on the piano top. Olga and Jo gave me a birthday gift set that had six. These three are the small votive size. They look so pretty in the evening. See the middle's inside my latest Goodwill find. For one dollar I snagged the green house that says 

I hope you'll come again.

xo, Sandy 

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