Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lights and Letters

One of my favorite blogs belongs to artist and writer Susan Branch. A visit to her blog is like a relaxing vacation. She captures beauty indoors and outdoors. You always feel so welcome by her observations and comments.

Recently I went there in search of inspiration. And found it! She had taken a glass measuring cup, added a votive, and created a lovely radiance. Well, I looked in my kitchen cabinet for such a cup and duplicated the effect. I took another small glass and lit it up as well with a tealight. Since the Fresh Baked Cookies tealights were scented, the kitchen smelled wonderful.

Another tiny change has to do with this sign.

After using the ANTIQUES sign at the booth for a time, I decided to bring it home. I really didn't want to hang it so I folded it.

I like that I can switch the letters.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy
...Susan Branch is one of my favs too! your new tealights
..liked looking at your booth goodies too

be well,


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