Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bargain Hunting

You never know what you will stumble across when treasure hunting. Recently I was at a thrift store that stocks mostly clothes and books. However, on the floor in one corner was a group of framed pictures. The painting below was worth the two dollar price. The fruit basket had been done by a young artist in 1971. Rather than the art subject it was the information on the back that prompted me to buy the oil painting. What was she like? Did she continue to paint or give it up? 

Another find was a Haeger piece of pottery for four dollars.
White and cream pottery pieces are hard to resist. I like them for useful containers and for their beautiful forms. 

Finally at Goodwill among their decorating and craft books was this special treasure. I had no trouble parting with three dollars for this book.  So many exquisite photos and wonderful ideas. Some of them I had clipped and saved from past magazine issues.

If you are a treasure hunter, you already know the fascination and thrill of a trip to the flea market, antique shop , or thrift store.

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