Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Break

Two grandsons are spending the week with us since they're out of school for fall break. Sometimes you don't even know they're here because they play a lot of video games, do art, watch TV cartoons, or enjoy leftover Fisher Price toys from my son's past. Yesterday Nicolas helped me make brownies. He likes to do things in the kitchen. Both little guys love to eat. Their daily request in the mornings is for cinnamon toast and scrambled eggs. Because they're here this week, a few more Halloween decorations are in place.
The hall tree is always fun
to decorate at holidays. 
The brass container on the left is a recent Goodwill purchase for less than a dollar. I didn't even polish it 'cause I like the tarnished look.
Thanks for dropping by. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday. Oh, and here's a silly picture of Nic and me.
Thank goodness for little ones who make us smile. 

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Lovely decorating, fall is my favorite and your pics give me ideas!!


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