Thursday, October 11, 2012


Sometimes when you least expect it, something special happens. My husband and I decided to grab supper at IHOP for a change. We were in the mood for pancakes on this rainy, dreary afternoon. Our waitress asked me if I had been a teacher. She then mentioned that she had been in my third grade class. She had changed a great deal from third grade to adulthood. What a beautiful  young woman stood before me! She admitted she didn't remember a whole lot about that school year, but the main thing she did recall was my reading a book to the class. Together we decided it must have been Caddie Woodlawn.  We chatted some more as she brought our food and refilled our coffee. I learned that she had two children and was taking college classes to further her education.  I offered her this bit of wisdom...cherish your time with those little ones because they grow up so fast. She seemed to enjoy the encounter with her former teacher, and I certainly enjoyed reconnecting with my former student. I believe we were both blessed by our unexpected meeting. Nice that it occurred on today's special date - 10/11/12.

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