Saturday, May 22, 2010

Comfort in a Cookie

I needed a comfort food today to rid myself
of a bout of depression. Oatmeal raisin cookies
came to my rescue. A few years ago I took the lid
from a Quaker Oatmeal carton, glued buttons around it, and kept the tried and true recipe up in the cupboard. Countless times a batch of these moist and tasty cookies has helped a sour mood disappear. Thankfully my outlook improved after
feeling productive in the kitchen. Hugs, Sandy


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy...what a cute idea for a recipe card!

...your cookie display looks so yummy!
....glad to hear they helped sweeten up your day :)
...I'm a no raisins in cookies Mom used to make a no raisins batch for me thinking peanut butter cookies here this week.
..take good care!

Nancy said...

Sandy haven't been here in a while. Oatmeal cookies are my absolute favorite! Glad to read your mom is still with you and I hope doing well. Hugs, nancy


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