Thursday, April 1, 2010


Everybody likes surprises...the good kind, that is. Today I had a really good surprise in the mail. A student I had taught in 2000 wrote me a wonderful letter. She shared memories of her third grade year with me. She mentioned poems, journal entries, and composition books. She's a senior now, and in her English class an assignment was made to write a letter to a past teacher. Her reasons for choosing me had me beaming and crying. It was great to read about her life since third grade and to learn that she's going to major in elementary education. She asked if I would like to keep in touch, and of course, I was more than happy to write her this very afternoon. Yesterday I spoke of spring colors as spirit-lifters. Well, this piece of mail has lifted my spirits to new heights!

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Anonymous said...

AWWW Sandy! That is so cute! I sm sorry I haven't been in touch. Your blogs are so beautiful and me reading them is like me talking to you...although I am physically not. Well I hope you have a beautiful day! I love you!!! P


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