Saturday, April 17, 2010

Going By the Booth

April has been a slow month for the booth. I'd like these lovely platters and teapots to have new homes. May have to do some markdowns next week.

I've also been gardening this weekend. April blooms are starting. I'm excited. Now if only I could get all my pots about you...what's blooming at your house?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy...we have an azalea bush..wild violets
..around the neighborhood..all sorts of blooming trees..tulips...jonquils...hyacinths...buttercups
...dandelions haha...on my walks always seeing a new tree blooming it ...though don't know all the names..the buds on regular trees are just starting to show a bit...

..oh yes...pansies are planted..too early here for rest of annuals yet.

BitsAndPieces said...

Summer, I can picture your
cottage home nestled in that lovely neighborhood. Good to
hear from you.



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