Friday, September 18, 2009

Scoops and spools

Ah, I remember this place well...Depot Antiques

Rolling pin was made by my father.

Sometimes I use the one in front as holder for a votive candle.

My husband's aunt had these spools inside an old sewing machine drawer.

Small green pottery bowl was a gift from my sister-in-law.

We received more rain. Actually downpours. Therefore, hair appointment and grocery store shopping with my mom were cancelled. Reading, writing, and puttering were today's rainy day activities. One of the very first collections I ever started was old scoops. Years ago in Obion, Tennessee, there was a two-story building that housed lots of wonderful old things and was named Depot Antiques. My favorite room was near the back where all sorts of kitchen items were hanging. I was captivated by the small scoops(and still am). Recently I decided to pull them out of the big cookie cutter jar and give them their own jar along with a few biscuit cutters. More puttering produced a new bedside table display with old wooden spools. And finally with autumn fast approaching I pulled out my two favorite frames with leaves and dates bringing back special memories.
Until next time...stay well...and enjoy your weekend. Hope you do some puttering.
Hugs, Sandy

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beth said...

Hi Sandy, Depot Antiques sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I just love scouring through all the old kitchen things too. Anything with wooden handles. Thanks for the pictures and sharing your memories. Hope you are well.



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