Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's On My Desk

Since I spend time at my desk, I like to surround myself with small cherished treasures. I look at them and remember pleasurable times. Sometimes a few desk accessories get buried under papers and assorted junk, but after a while I clear the clutter away. Two handy items are the clip for receipts and the letter opener. Here's
an antiquing story about the letter opener holder...actually a candle holder. I noticed it and told myself I really didn't need it. I passed on it. But on a followup trip I noticed it again. The price was reduced because the booth owner was closing down and moving to another state. Because this person was always so friendly and cordial, I decided I wanted a keepsake reminder of her. So I have it as well as the special memories connected to it. Have a lovely Thursday by crossing someone's path and making it better. Hugs, Sandy


Anonymous said... are always so thoughtful :)
...always enjoy checking your peaceful, relaxing, thoughtful blog!

BitsAndPieces said...

Thank you for such kind words, Summer. You have started my day off in a great way! Take care.


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