Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lovely Tuesday

The yard looks super, thanks to the expert job of mowing my husband does. The flowerbeds have recovered from the excessive rain. I have flowerpots that are waiting for me to decide what to put in them...indecisive, that's me a great deal of the time. Thanks to Miracle-Gro the plants in the planters by the side door entrance are doing great. That product does live up to its promises. After coming inside from the yard I spent time cleaning and making a few changes in the den area of the house. We are thinking about painting the red brick fireplace. It desperately needs an uplift of some kind. Hope your day has been pleasant, too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy...I have those exact same planters on each side of our front door!..I used to plant something different in them every year..then finally we put small evergreen trees in them at Christmas..that was a few years ago..still doing ok...2 ft. tall now

...green all around here..the leaves have popped..blooming trees all over..grass growing too long ;)rain!lol


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