Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sweet September

Such a lovely month for getting out, exploring, and browsing. 

I found a piece of green pottery at Denise's Antiques near Munford.

Two interesting pieces of furniture at Millington's Marketplace.

I brought home this piece of McCoy pottery and used it to display a few old black and white photos. 

A cloche is one of my favorite ways to show off objects.

The mood to paint came over me, and I started another flower painting.

It's coming along.

Last September on this date the wedding of Lauren and Justin took place.  How fast a year passes once you get older!


mary Eldred said...

I really like the cloche with the books. I try to use mine but I can't quite get it like I want it to look. You are right, it does not seem like a year since Lauren's wedding!! Headed to Arkansas cabin for a week or so. Love Ya

BitsAndPieces said...

A week or two at the cabin sounds wonderful!

mary Eldred said...

wish y'all would come


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