Saturday, December 3, 2016

Days to Enjoy

December is hectic and exciting as well as joyful and peaceful. It's a month that gets by all too quickly. 

Jo and Gunner help to string lights. It has become a tradition.

I get to pull out lovely Christmas treasures.

It's fun to try new arrangements.

 I like how the hutch got a new look for the holidays.

Love showing off vintage ornaments.

Today seven of us made a trip to Reelfoot Ministries. We delivered 39 bicycles and other toys to their facility which aids needy families at Christmastime. We were thankful for the discounts that Walmart gave on many of the bikes.

Well, it's time to finish this post and head to bed. I have a big blessing tonight. My son Ryan who lives in Oakland, California, is safe. He was not at the location that had the tragic fire. However, he is worried about friends who may have been there. Praying.

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