Saturday, July 23, 2016


When it is extremely hot outdoors one of the best places to visit is an air-conditioned antique mall. Booth after booth of goodies and oddities. Because of the anniversary sale every booth had discounts.

 cute stained glass teapot

Of course, I enjoyed seeing another 
Walter Firle print.

I looked at this Jennie A. Brownscombe print but there was no price tag on it.
Wish I had asked someone at the front desk about it.

Sometimes I wish I could afford different house furnishings.
Love this gorgeous dining table and chairs.

My friend and I took time out for lunch at the tea room there. Each table setting had pretty mismatched dishes, cups and saucers, butter pats, and knife rests.

Refreshed it was time to look some more.

Someone had taken an old sewing machine and turned it into a bar serving area.

  Old books tied together in a wooden box looked charming.
I have a soft spot for children's chairs. This red one was sturdy and sweet.

lovely wood pieces to this silent butler

I could have taken hundreds of photos. There was such an abundance of stuff.
But I did manage to snap a few pictures. Hope you enjoyed browsing with me.

I wanted to buy this tiny frame, but the back wouldn't open to hold a photo.
My only purchases were a piece of pottery and a very small handmade corner shelf.

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