Thursday, July 21, 2016

Another World

These past few days I have escaped into another world by reading Sue Miller's The Senator's Wife. Meri and Nathan and Delia and Tom are the two couples whose lives are woven together. In one passage Delia is looking at the changes in her grown son Evan -

"And yet the love she felt for him was unchanged, was based on who he'd been and who he still was to her. This is how it is with your children, she thought. You hold all the versions of them there ever were simultaneously in your heart." 

Recently my daughter Lauren flew into Memphis for a few days. My once little girl is now a talented professional woman. We had some mother-daughter time to talk, relax, and shop. I have loved every stage of her life, every version of her.  Soon she will be a wife, and I will have to see her in this new light. But the love will remain without end.

The child's cabinet is back where I like it best - on top of a desk/bookcase combination. When the four boys were growing up at home, each one had this furniture combo. I wanted each son to have a place for books, personal treasures, collectibles, and homework. 

Staying in more than going out due to the excessive heat.

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