Monday, January 18, 2016

Not Sure

I'm not sure I'm using my days in the best way. To keep going is all I manage on some days. Do you ever feel guilty for wasting time? I know I do. Today I'm thankful for beauty and delight in everyday surroundings. Sharing a few of my favorite things...

We hosted a dinner party the other night, and one of the guests presented us with this pot of lovely tulips. How wonderful to see these blooms in January!

This cane chair sits near my bedside. It was one of the first antiques I ever bought. It was purchased at Granny's Antiques in Henning, TN. Too bad that place is no so many other stores I once knew and visited. 

The pillow has three cameo pins - one I had, one was Mother's, and one was Aunt Geneva's.

 Nick used my heart-in-hand stamp. I liked his color selection and decided to frame this stamp art.

 Recent stop at Lucy's Flea Market provided this find with
cream color and gold lettering.

 So glad I made the decision to get this mirrored cross. It's one of my favorites.

Do you have favorite things? Would love for you to share in the comment section.

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