Sunday, November 15, 2015

November Reunion, Part 1

Usually four college friends have a summer reunion. But this year due to Pat's knee surgery in June our reunion was planned for fall. We decided to reconnect in the town where it all started. We met in 1966 in Jackson, Tennessee, at Lambuth College. Back then Jackson was a small college town, and we were young girls.  Now we're senior citizens, and Jackson is a thriving little city.

 Chapel was required.

 Sprague Hall
Our freshmen dorm

Other years were at South Hall that's been renamed.

The Library

Some classes were held inside the Administration Building.

Thankfully the college did not shut down after financial woes. The University of Memphis bought the property for an extension campus and made major improvements.

I searched the memorial bricks in the center of the campus and found one of my favorite professors, Grace Whetstone.

Although cool and breezy it was a beautiful fall day. Being on Lambuth's campus again brought back many memories from 1966-1970.

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