Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"...Past Ever Present"

I do not want to dwell in the past, but I love to step back occasionally. My journals allow me to do that. Today I was back in 1989. My children were getting to know his children. We were picking out rings. There were many important decisions, but miraculously they fell into place.

I am taking my time as I read back through these written pages...marking entries that are poignant or sweet or funny or meaningful. For some years I used bundles of bookmarks to remind me of special days. Presently I'm using
Post-it flags to indicate noteworthy passages.

With journals you don't have to rely on a faulty memory. The days are captured on paper in your own handwriting. Events, feelings,'s all there.

And not all my entries have been happy ones.
However, they have told what was real to me at the time. 

1 comment:

Joy said...

I'm still a huge fan of hand's like holding a book...nothing can take its place. Take care my friend.


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