Monday, November 10, 2014

Road Trip

A  four day trip to Celina, Texas, was just what Corkey and I needed. We really like the area where Les and Pennee have built their dream house. Celina has a wonderful mix of ultra modern and old charm. I felt right at home in the old town square. Also felt at ease in their lovely new home. 

Love the layout of their house. It also has a formal dining room, a study, a media room, a dance practice room, and plenty of bedrooms and baths. When we visit, we have a bedroom reserved for us. Here's Kiera in "our room."  


A painted scene on the side of a building shows Celina in the 1930's. Efforts are being made to save the older buildings and keep them open. There's a coffee shop, a couple of antique stores, gift boutiques, and more.

This yellow building was full of antiques and collectibles.

 Another store offered interesting merchandise. 

It was a very windy day as you can tell from my hair.

The library had a children's section that had colorful wall illustrations of popular books. Kiera and Chloe are sure to be regular visitors.

There was one more event that Pennee and I were able to squeeze in on Saturday. The local high school was having a bazaar to raise money for 
different programs.

Pennee and I both found something in this gentleman's  booth.
All his Christmas decor was 50% off.

I came home with three from the bazaar, one from Pennee, and one from Pennee's friends Marissa and Jessica. Look for these in my next post.

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