Thursday, November 13, 2014

Project Update

I am still working on my advent calendar project. Had some bumps in the road. To get the number of tags I wanted on the board I had to turn it sideways rather than up and down. Ran out of white push pins. Also final decorations are still being considered. But I believe this will be very close to the final version.

Dollar Tree ornaments, vintage ones, and those with special meaning comprise  the calendar. Below are explanations for five.

pewter one purchased soon after daughter Lauren Ashley was born

 tiny vintage one found at an antique mall

paper rose made by friend Mary

angel wings from a figurine of my mother's

little silver bells from a strand that belonged to Geneva Clowes, a special aunt

Before there were Pinterest boards I had saved the clipping below. It is a lovely advent calendar that made me want one. It is still my favorite!


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