Thursday, September 11, 2014


Still around the corner,
         there may wait,
a new road or secret gate.
                -J.R.R. Tolkien

Came across this quote this morning and thought how nice, especially for those of us who are getting older and sometimes think that all the best opportunities are behind us.

I lit a candle in remembrance of 9-11-2001. Oh, that fateful day when so many innocent lives were lost. And those other brave individuals who risked their lives to help. The memories linger...

Feel blessed today that I am able to go about my normal routine. I continue to trust in the goodness of people. I realize America, even with its serious problems, is a special country that offers freedoms and possibilities to its citizens. 

And now for a few pictures that were uploaded today. They show little things here at home.

These alphabet prints that are part of the mantel's decor remain favorites. 

 Watching Nicolas form his constructions is always a joy. It's lovely that those 
 same blocks were first enjoyed by son Ryan who's now 35. 

Counting my blessings, 
and you are among them.

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